Bulls-Celtics game 4 summary: 2017 and 2009

This post is part of a series comparing this series with the 2009 series, which I did to make this series more fun given the disappointment the Bulls have been.


The Bulls might as well have held open tryouts for the point guard position. Fred Hoiberg threw 4 different PGs out there, 10 players total, in the first quarter. The Grant-MCW-Canaan-anyone else carousel wasn’t doing it at all. The other big story was the Gerald Green Show finding new life. Brad Stevens’ lineup shakeup after game 2 seems to be working. Continue reading Bulls-Celtics game 4 summary: 2017 and 2009

Bulls-Celtics game 3 summary: 2017 and 2009

Note: I was at this game so I couldn’t do a write up. I had David Beltran guest write this one. You can follow him here and here.

This post is part of a series comparing this series with the 2009 series, which I did to make this series more fun given the disappointment the Bulls have been.

GAME 3 marks the beginning of the end of Fred Hoiberg. Fred looked brilliant in the first 2 games, the bulls had more possessions and more rebounds in game 1-2 and shot the ball significantly better than the Celtics overall dominating the C’s for all 8 quarters. Game 3 was a totally different story. For 1, the best player in the series thus far, Rajon Rondo, would not play after breaking his thumb in game 2. He’s basically out for the series and after game 3 it became evident that Rondo was not only the best player, but the best coach we had. Without Rondo Hoiberg went into straight panic mode and played Russian roulette with his lineups.

Even before Rondo’s injury, Fred’s rotations looked a little goofy. Portis in game 1 lit up the C’s and is one of the few actual stretch 4’s we have that matchup better with the Celtics. Yet after playing 30 minutes and getting 19 points and 9 rebounds with a team high +12, he only gets 9 minutes in game 2, with more run going to Felicio, who frankly has been ungodly awful. Continue reading Bulls-Celtics game 3 summary: 2017 and 2009

Bulls-Celtics game 2 summary: 2017 and 2009

This post is part of a series comparing this series with the 2009 series, which I did to make this series more fun given the disappointment the Bulls have been.


Um, ok what? I had a wtf reaction to the game 1 win, but in game 2 they not only won, but the Bulls dominated. Alright, let’s take a step back before going into the actual game. Boston came into the game as a 7.5 point favorite, and FiveThirtyEight had the Bulls at a 54% chance of winning the series. But the most important fact going into the night is that the Bulls would be TNT primetime. Can the #TNTBulls do it again?

In Q1, Boston came out more aggressive being better on the boards early. Bulls responded with flashes on ball movement and having some big offensive putbacks, keeping in line with game 1’s theme.

#PlayoffPortis started in the lineup to start Q2. With two other bench players on the floor, Boston takes advantage to take the lead. In the meantime the Bulls are still being really active on the offensive board. Rajon Rondo has also been playing really well, despite holding on to the ball too long at times. Throughout most of this quarter the TD Garden is dead quiet. Continue reading Bulls-Celtics game 2 summary: 2017 and 2009

Bulls-Celtics game 1 summary: 2017 and 2009

This post is part of a series comparing this series with the 2009 series, which I did to make this series more fun given the disappointment the Bulls have been.


WTF? The Bulls stole a game?? Game 1 is in the books and it did not go as most people (myself included) expected. Boston came in as 7 point favorites, but the teams were within 5 of each other all game as the Primetime Bulls inexplicably get up for games like these. The sloppy play and great rebounding helped keep the Bulls in it as well. As a Bulls fan I kept expecting Boston to go on a run and pull away, but Butler and company kept hitting tough shots in the 4th quarter to lead by 7 at one point.

The Bulls did almost throw it away, because Bulls. Jimmy commits a dumb offensive foul, turn it over on an inbounds pass that would’ve iced the game, and nearly threw away an inbound pass after that! In the end, those weren’t fatal and the Bulls hit enough big shots for the win. Continue reading Bulls-Celtics game 1 summary: 2017 and 2009

Watching the 2009 Bulls-Celtics vs 2017 Bulls-Celtics

The Bulls are playing the Celtics in round 1 of the NBA playoffs as a 1-8 matchup, starting tomorrow (April 16). I got to thinking about the 2009 round 1 series between the same teams, which I think is one of the greatest series ever. That series featured a game 7, 4 overtimes, one of those being a double overtime, and another featuring a triple overtime.

Skimming that Wikipedia page got me the most excited about the Bulls all season (don’t even get me started on the coaching and front office situations #FireGarPax). Full disclosure: #ballislife and I love playoff basketball, but I really didn’t want the Bulls to make the playoffs. I hate them being in basketball hell and they’re not even a fun team to watch, but I’ll have to watch them in the playoffs. This is going to be torture for me.

The only way I can make this series fun (besides gambling on it) is to think about the 2009 series, which was so damn fun. So for each game in the 2017 series, I’m going to watch as much of the 2009 series as possible and do write ups. I’ve also ran into roadblocks in not being to find the full games online and not having an NBA TV subscription, but I’ll do my best.

Boston Celtics

The 08-09 Celts, the defending NBA Finals champions, finished 2nd in the East. Led by I-too-old-to-use-nicknames “Doc” Rivers the team had 3 players who made the All Star team that year: Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, and Kevin Garnett. A good Rajon Rondo was on the team too. They hoped they were in the middle of a dynasty the roster they had. I’m not a Celtics fan so I can’t say much about them.

Chicago Bulls

The 08-09 Bulls featured Vinny del Negro’s first coaching year and Derrick Rose’s rookie season. The roster also had veterans Luol Deng, Ben Gordon, and a young Joakim Noah. Tyrus Thomas was also a starter (lol).

This Bulls team was a young, up and coming team that didn’t have high expectations but were fun to watch. Future expectations were raised by them pushing the 2-seed Celtics to a game 7. The big question going into the season and series was how rookie Rose would perform and if rookie Coach del Negro would be a good coach. (Spoiler: no).

So that’s the quick primer. On to game 1…

Rewatch: Memento

(This continues my rewatch of all of Christohper Nolan’s films)

Many know Christopher Nolan’s non-linear/non-chronological style, and Memento is probably the movie that does it for them. He’s used this style in other movies, even one before this, he’s probably most well known for that technique in Memento. After really enjoying the story of Following, I made it an effort to pay attention to this one. I’d already watched it years ago, but hey this is a rewatch.

Tattoos to keep the facts straight

Continue reading Rewatch: Memento

Quick thoughts: the OG PS4 design is the best

Today Sony officially announced 2 new PS4 consoles: a new, slimmer standard PS4, and the more powerful PS4 Pro. At first it was to make out the console case designs on stage; the stage was dark and the camera was far.

But of course, journalists were on hand at the event, and with Sony now eager to release marketing photos, I finally had a better look at the consoles. After looking at the designs for a good 10 minutes, I had to decide that the OG PS4 design was best. The Slim looks like Lenovo knockoff. The Pro looks like an unnecessary floor was added to a house.

The PS4 looked sleek and fast when it was first announced. And it still does! It looks like something Nathan Drake would want to steal if he lived a few centuries from now.

See Polygon for some good images of the consoles.

PlayStation Vue channel lineup

PS Vue

PlayStation Vue, Sony’s competitor to traditional cable/ satellite TV services, has been in beta in limited markets (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, San Francisco, and Miami). Earlier this month it was expanded nationwide in the US. I won’t be writing a review, but like many of you, I wanted to see if this service was for me. (You can find plenty of reviews online, like this one.) Would it provide me all of the channels I want while being cheaper than my cable provider?

PS Vue’s page lists all of their channel packages and what they include, but there isn’t an easy way to compare. What additional channels do I get if I move up a tier? Well I’ve gone ahead, did the grunt work, and put together that list. Continue reading PlayStation Vue channel lineup