The cold you’re feeling is hell freezing over with DePaul Men’s Basketball 3-0 in the Big East

DePaul, my alma mater, is surprisingly atop the Big East with a 3-0 start after beating Creighton yesterday.

This is certainly a bit of a shock, especially to me. I haven’t been following the team for the past few years, and I know no one except for the head coach. It’s still too early to know anything else. Are they actually good and contend in the Big East? Does the conference just suck this week?

Now is probably a good time to make good on my promise to go to DePaul games once they started winning Big East games.

DePaul's Forrest Robinson celebrates his team's 70-60 win over Creighton in in Omaha, Neb. (Nati Harnik, AP)
(Photo from the AP)

Chicago Tribue: DePaul beats Creighton, takes first place in Big East