My #HowOldRobot results

Microsoft got the Internet’s attention today with their #HowOldRobot, where their algorithm scans faces and guesses its age. I decided to try it and had some interesting observations. You can see the

The first number I got was surprising. I was in denial! I’m not 47!

Then I tried to discern a reason. Was the lighting bad and had too much of a shadow over my face? Was it because I didn’t get much sleep last night? Then I realized I wasn’t smiling and wearing my glasses and decided to see what would happen if I changed those variables.

Bryan Damatan How Old results

So I guess if I wanna look my youngest I should smile and wear contacts.

Reddit user compiles 245 “ultimate” movie list – I’ve seen 103 of them

Reddit user /u/Zonark000 compiled an “ultimate” list of 250 movies, by averaging scores from IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, and Metacritic. While OP says his formula isn’t perfect, I frankly don’t care. It’s an impressive list and a fun exercise. Zonark000 even boiled down the list to the best movie of each genre. You can argue any list, but all of the “best” movies of each genre are all great (although I haven’t seen Lawrence of ArabiaSeven SamuraiMetroplis, or The Good, The Bad, The Ugly). Continue reading Reddit user compiles 245 “ultimate” movie list – I’ve seen 103 of them

The Christopher Nolan movie marathon

I finally picked up Interstellar on Blu-ray. While I wanna watch it right away, it made think about Christopher Nolan’s previous films. I’ve really enjoyed them all except for one – sorry Insomnia.

Even though they have nothing to do with Interstellar, I’ve decided to watch all of Nolan’s films leading up to it. Now I don’t have time to watch them all in one sitting, I’ll watch them over the course of a few weeks. Ok, so it’s not exactly a marathon, but whatever. After each film I’ll write up a quick review. Continue reading The Christopher Nolan movie marathon