All 17 Lucas Bros Moving Co episodes ranked

Last weekend I watched all 17 episodes of Lucas Bros Moving Co. It was instantly one of my favorite shows, and I felt like ranking them all while they were still somewhat fresh in my mind.

  1. Lucas Burgers
  2. Willdependence Day
  3. 420
  4. Kazaam
  5. Karaoke Night
  6. Beeper Beeper
  7. Big Head Mike
  8. For the Love of Moving
  9. Before & After Models
  10. Sister Sister Sister
  11. Freedom Town
  12. Honey, I Shrunk the Bros
  13. Soul Food
  14. Tales from the Hoodie
  15. Escape from Momma
  16. Nutopia
  17. DDT
  18. A/C Tundra

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