Quick thoughts: the OG PS4 design is the best

Today Sony officially announced 2 new PS4 consoles: a new, slimmer standard PS4, and the more powerful PS4 Pro. At first it was to make out the console case designs on stage; the stage was dark and the camera was far.

But of course, journalists were on hand at the event, and with Sony now eager to release marketing photos, I finally had a better look at the consoles. After looking at the designs for a good 10 minutes, I had to decide that the OG PS4 design was best. The Slim looks like Lenovo knockoff. The Pro looks like an unnecessary floor was added to a house.

The PS4 looked sleek and fast when it was first announced. And it still does! It looks like something Nathan Drake would want to steal if he lived a few centuries from now.

See Polygon for some good images of the consoles.

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