Rewatch: Memento

(This continues my rewatch of all of Christohper Nolan’s films)

Many know Christopher Nolan’s non-linear/non-chronological style, and Memento is probably the movie that does it for them. He’s used this style in other movies, even one before this, he’s probably most well known for that technique in Memento. After really enjoying the story of Following, I made it an effort to pay attention to this one. I’d already watched it years ago, but hey this is a rewatch.

Tattoos to keep the facts straight

The mystery of the movie is laid down from the first scene. Who is this guy? What are all those photos and notes? Who is he talking to? We continue to ask these questions as Nolan gives us hints, little by little, with each new scene. For some reason it had me remembering some scenes in my past. Could I tattoo something that vividly brings up a scene in my past?

Anyway, with the drop of new info we get ever so close as what the whole story is. We see his photos. We listen to one of conversations. We’re figuring out where his cuts and bruises came from, just like Guy Pierce’s character is.

Another thing Nolan does well is putting it all at end in a nice package without making us feel dumb. It’s great fun to feel lost, being strung along as long as payoff is worth it – and Memento is that. Even when we’re lost in the fog, we’re still entertained along the way.

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