Rewatch: Memento

(This continues my rewatch of all of Christohper Nolan’s films)

Many know Christopher Nolan’s non-linear/non-chronological style, and Memento is probably the movie that does it for them. He’s used this style in other movies, even one before this, he’s probably most well known for that technique in Memento. After really enjoying the story of Following, I made it an effort to pay attention to this one. I’d already watched it years ago, but hey this is a rewatch.

Tattoos to keep the facts straight

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PlayStation Vue channel lineup

PS Vue

PlayStation Vue, Sony’s competitor to traditional cable/ satellite TV services, has been in beta in limited markets (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, San Francisco, and Miami). Earlier this month it was expanded nationwide in the US. I won’t be writing a review, but like many of you, I wanted to see if this service was for me. (You can find plenty of reviews online, like this one.) Would it provide me all of the channels I want while being cheaper than my cable provider?

PS Vue’s page lists all of their channel packages and what they include, but there isn’t an easy way to compare. What additional channels do I get if I move up a tier? Well I’ve gone ahead, did the grunt work, and put together that list. Continue reading PlayStation Vue channel lineup

Disappointing: the only way to see The Force Awakens in IMAX is also in 3D

Yes, it’s Back to the Future Day, but I want to talk about Star Wars.

Like many of you , I’m a big Star Wars geek and I’m excited to see The Force Awakens. I was even more excited to learn that it was being filmed and screened in IMAX format.

And like many of you, I also went online during Monday Night Football right when the trailer hit to try to buy tickets. Regular screens be damned, I went right for IMAX screenings. And not just the “IMAX Experience” but full blown IMAX theaters.

However, my excitement was quickly subdued a bit to learn that in order to see it in IMAX, I’d also have to watch in 3D. Bummer.

Star Wars The Force Awakens IMAX

You see, while The Force Awakens was filmed with IMAX cameras (yay), it wasn’t filmed with 3D cameras. That means that the 3D effects were done in post production. While I don’t care about 3D much to begin with, if I’m going to see a 3D showing I’d rather see one done with real 3D cameras. (Read why I prefer this)

Star Wars cinematographic

Eventually I found and bought an IMAX screening that wasn’t yet sold out (and when their site wasn’t crashing). But I also bought tickets to a regular non-IMAX, non-3D screening just so that I can get the non-3D experience. While I guess I’m ok with that, I was really hoping to see Star Wars in IMAX and not have to deal with post production 3D and 3D glasses.

So here’s to hoping the 3D (and the film itself) doesn’t suck.

Rewatch: Following

I wrote before that I wanted to rewatch all of Christopher Nolan’s feature films while I worked my way up to Interstellar. While I realize Interstellar has nothing to do with his other films, I nevertheless really enjoy his movies, so why not? I’ve also wanted to write movie reviews. Not just new films, but any one I might come across or watch again.

The main character breaking into a flat
The main character breaking into a flat

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Reddit user compiles 245 “ultimate” movie list – I’ve seen 103 of them

Reddit user /u/Zonark000 compiled an “ultimate” list of 250 movies, by averaging scores from IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, and Metacritic. While OP says his formula isn’t perfect, I frankly don’t care. It’s an impressive list and a fun exercise. Zonark000 even boiled down the list to the best movie of each genre. You can argue any list, but all of the “best” movies of each genre are all great (although I haven’t seen Lawrence of ArabiaSeven SamuraiMetroplis, or The Good, The Bad, The Ugly). Continue reading Reddit user compiles 245 “ultimate” movie list – I’ve seen 103 of them

The Christopher Nolan movie marathon

I finally picked up Interstellar on Blu-ray. While I wanna watch it right away, it made think about Christopher Nolan’s previous films. I’ve really enjoyed them all except for one – sorry Insomnia.

Even though they have nothing to do with Interstellar, I’ve decided to watch all of Nolan’s films leading up to it. Now I don’t have time to watch them all in one sitting, I’ll watch them over the course of a few weeks. Ok, so it’s not exactly a marathon, but whatever. After each film I’ll write up a quick review. Continue reading The Christopher Nolan movie marathon

When going to the movies, don’t spend extra money for 3D or IMAX without checking the specs first

It’s holiday season so there’s a good chance you’ll go to theaters to enjoy a movie. There’s also a chance you’ll want to see a movie in 3D and/or IMAX. However, you’ll have to spend some extra cash to do that.

As a general rule, it’s not worth ponying up the dough to watch a movie in 3D or IMAX. The main reason is that the movie you’re seeing probably wasn’t filmed with a 3D or IMAX camera. To save money, most of the movies you see were filmed with a regular camera and had the 3D effects added in post production. The main side effect of that is that you’ll see 3D objects in a flat pop-up book type effect (not to mention the other negative effects you get when seeing a post production 3D movie, but that’s a post for another time). Whereas, if it were filmed with an actual 3D camera, you’ll get a much better effect – you’ll be able to see depth rather the the pop-up book feel. Continue reading When going to the movies, don’t spend extra money for 3D or IMAX without checking the specs first